How do i fix the message code one on my ps3

30. září 2011 v 5:01

PS3 Red Lights - What Do The PS3 Red Lights Mean And What Are My Options To Fix It? By Paul D. Thompson
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I get an error code when i try to load motostorm om my ps3. the error is 80010514, how do you fix this? Call their tech support and they can walk you through it + 5
ok iv done everything i can seached every website including this one its not the media server its not my conection iv used different routers and modoms and i cant figure .
Best Answer: What could simultaneously bring down Sony's PlayStation Network worldwide and make it impossible for millions of gamers to play single-player games like .
I've had my PS3 for about a year and a half. I just bought the game inFAMOUS and wanted to play it, so How do i fix the message code one on my ps3 I put it in and I'm playing for a good 10 minutes before How do i fix the message code one on my ps3 the game .
K yeah, hackers are attacking sony right now so the server will be offline. April/21/2011 It will be back on in a couple hours. I have 2 ps3's, one at home and 1 at my .
Both my Microsoft programs can't update do an "0x80070424" Error code. How do you fix it?
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I would like to know how do you get Streampad on Tumblr to still play when you click next or replay??..
"I have had the Yellow Light of Death problem and when you contact Sony they simply claim that you have to .
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