What happens if you take nuvaring out a week early

30. září 2011 v 5:17

What happens if you take the nuva ring out 2 or 3 weeks after its suppose to come out?
If you take the NuvaRing out a week too early so it's only been in for 2 weeks can you still get pregnant?
I thought I was supposed to take it out last night, so I took it out this morning and threw it away. Now I realized I wasn't supposed to take it out until .
Best Answer: ASK YOUR What happens if you take nuvaring out a week early DOCTOR . don't leave it to us yahoo's who really have no clue what to do . a quick phone call to the doctor's office will clear up any .
1 Answer - Posted in: nuvaring - Answer: Take it out now,regardless of where you are in your cycle. Ovulation .
stacking nuvaring + early period Here's the situation: I stacked my Nuvaring, and my 2nd 3 weeks will be up on Wednesday. But I just started my period (or what I assume is .
What happens if I put my nuvaring in early? dup . I thought my period had started, at first it was just a mild medium to darkish brown which is usually how it starts then .
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Best Answer: If you put it in late, then you should have been using a back up birth control like What happens if you take nuvaring out a week early condoms for a week (seven days) following insertion. Then .
Ask a doctor about what happens if you take
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